Let's bring nature back to the city

Earlier in the program during the topic selection for our project, I chose urban gardening. After going through many resources about Cambridge history and the environment, I realized I couldn't make a project about urban gardening without including urban architecture and sustainably (which are closely interwoven with the concept of urban gardening).

I am now on a road to digging up more information which will direct me to the complete scope of urban gardening and how it can impact people's world in a positive way. When I feel like I have enough insight into this field, I plan on using the information I know to synthesize a project convincing people why urban gardening is important and why people should be more involved with it. I hope that my project will have a grand inpact on my community that has long forgotten about the importance of nature. Let's bring nature back to the city.

The following photos are what I have done so far for urban gardening in my community. Which cost me all of $0.