Our Riverside Summer 2018: An introduction

Welcome to the Our Riverside blog! Each week, you will find new posts here documenting the work the OR youth research team conducts over the summer. These posts will include oral histories, findings from our archive, and reflections on the work we do-- all oriented around our summer 2018 provocation: What does 1968 have to do with us?

As the summer begins, our Lead Educator, Cathryn, and me, Cecelia, (the Community Education and Design intern), have brainstormed a few questions to guide us through our work.


  • How can I increase my understanding of how to work with archives in my teaching?
  • How can I support youth to feel connected to their local environment, and to know that they and their communities are part of history?


  • How can I increase my understanding and creativity with pedagogical methods?
  • How can I deepen my ability to engage with archival material?

Make sure to check back in the following weeks for posts from our youth research team and updates about the summer.

We look forward to sharing our summer journey and explorations with you!